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martes, 13 de agosto de 2013

from Pakistan to Thailand

Thank you and may God prosper your finances and lead you to support my dear sister Farah Imtiaz and her family. They need $1000 for the 4 visas ($250 each) to move to Thailand as soon as possible.
I (Juanita) have a way to send them money via Western Union online, and I can also receive your contributions on my PayPal account (with my email 

July 2013
Dear Friends, Lovers of The LORD, Lovers of HIS People…
I really don’t know how to do this, so I will just tell you: “I am praying and seeking support to move our ministry partners from Pakistan to Thailand and establish the first Ruach Center community ministry.”
The RUACH Newsletter that accompanies this letter is a very brief synopsis of part of the wonderful, amazing journey that God has us travelling. The LORD has blessed and connected us with “those of like precious faith” 2 Peter 1:1. It is truly an honor for me to have Farah & Robert Imtiaz as friends and ministry partners.
Robert is a gifted teacher of Math, English and Computer. He is an anointed Evangelist and effective preacher of GOD’s Word. Farah was a music teacher before she and Robert had children. She is a gifted vocalist, effective manager and powerfully anointed as a prophetic intercessor and used by GOD in healing.
From October 24th to November 14th of 2012, Rev. Farah Imtiaz was part of our team for three (3) weeks of prophetic ministry in The Philippines. It was there that GOD revealed her gift of Healings; and it was there that GOD had me speak prophetically over her about the coming change of their ministry. I encourage you to look at the pictures from that time of ministry.
The Website is:
The Facebook page is:
The vision for the RUACH Centers is to be self-supporting community ministries. Each RUACH Center will have a worship center with men’s & women’s, youth & young adult ministries, outreach and counseling that are supported by community resource venues of coffee shops (with music), internet cafes (with content filters), and other services to draw-in and serve the community to build the relationship to share The Gospel of The Kingdom. As the needs develop, we will establish RUACH Regional Schools of The Spirit as discipleship training centers to equip local people for local ministry.
Robert and Farah have been faithful and obedient to serve the LORD with excellence and integrity and have now completed their assignment in Pakistan. GOD has united our hearts and vision and given us the direction. We will establish self-supporting, self-propagating ministries and then teach others how to do the same. I ask that you pray and sow some seed into this soil. It is time for us to move forward.
Thank you and GOD bless you for your prayerful consideration of this request.
Please contact me if you have any questions.
Rev. A H (Harry) Saunders
Ruach Ministries & Fellowship

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